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Graf Orlock "Purveyors of Violent Cinema" Hoodie

by Graf Orlock


Oh shit. Just when you thought this global warming thing meant things just got hotter, surprise! it means the whole global weather systems are fucked and it's cold as shit for no reason too! We got you, this is the first hoodie we have made in a long time and frankly the other ones sucked (in quality, perhaps inspiration), so this one is sick. Pick it up.

Is on a black hoodie with a front, back and sleeve label print.
These will be printed and shipped in a week and a half, if you would like a large size like XXL and XXXL this might be the only time to get them as we normally print up to XL

Listen, shipping domestic isn't too bad, but internationally this is quite heavy, so deal with it accordingly and i hope that means not emailing me.