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Drowning With Our Anchors/Maladie Split 10" VIT007 $4

by Maladie and Drowning With Our Anchors

$4.00 / On Sale

Finally, this is the 10" Split from these bands from San Francisco and Tijuana. On the heels of their respective full lengths, this record brings a new extended song from DWOA and 3 new songs from Maladie. This contains a full color innersleeve and a double die-cut 10" jacket, and color vinyl. Check this out.
-On sale Sat June 19th, 12:00 AM
-Preorders are white vinyl, 150/800. (75 Vitriol/75 Glory Kid Records)
-Standard Press is Tan Vinyl 650/800
-Limit one Pre-order color copy per order. If you order more than one you will receive one Pre-order edition (White) and one standard color copy (Tan).