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Ghostlimb "The Only Measure is Labor Done Not Days" CD

by Ghostlimb


New full-length record from Ghosti. Taking the heavy and melodic beyond previous bounds of 2016's "Difficult Loves", "The Only Measure is Labor Done Not Days" is 10 songs of harsh, fast, slow and developed song writing that takes the band in a new direction. Not bounded by any particular schedule, this record came about from plodding through and putting axe to the wheel over a few years of trying a trying musical and personal malaise. Over the existence of this band, begun in 2005, this at least internally, is the most realized version of what Ghostlimb is. Check it out. Not available on LP yet.
“The Only Measure is Labor Done Not Days” LP
1. Boundless Brine
2. Nocked Blade
3. Prairie Wolf
4. After Virtute at Rest
5. Cairn
6. Death to the Late
7. Continental Drift
8. Mangled Surplus Population
9. Damnatio Memoriae
10. The Hurdled Ford

Recorded mostly live at the Atomic Garden in June 2018. Vocals down south by Kevin Conway.