SWEAT/Negative Blast Split 7" VIT062 (Purple/Black Variants)

SWEAT/Negative Blast Split 7" VIT062 (Purple/Black Variants)

SWEAT is composed of members from bands including Graf Orlock, Dangers, Ghostlimb, and Dogteeth, Sweat’s first practice was in February 2019, with the first show taking place in December of the same year. Justin and Anthony were bandmates in Dangers, and Tuna and Anthony were bandmates for a brief moment in Dogteeth. Tuna filled in for Graf Orlock for a few shows, without any explanation to those attending, and it worked great. With all powers combined, a trio of best friends and rockers was formed. See also The "Gotta Give It Up" LP and S/T 7".
Sweat is:
Justin Smith | Guitar / Vocals
Anthony Rivera | Drums
Tuna Tardugno | Vocals

San Diego’s NEGATIVE BLAST is hardcore punk that is both unconcerned with convention and deeply reverent of the genre’s roots. The members’ musical pedigree runs the gamut from 2000s hardcore stalwarts Lewd Acts and Hour of the Wolf to innovative post-punk act [CON•TACT], with the addition of Mario Rubalcaba throwing Hot Snakes, Earthless, OFF!, and more into an already impressive list. Negative Blast are as precise as they are left of center. With a knack for mid-tempo dirge that evokes My War-era Black Flag or Pissed Jeans and a darkly atmospheric melodic sensibility that calls to mind contemporary acts such as Gel, Negative Blast are at once of the moment and outside of it entirely.
Negative Blast is:
Pat Callaway | Bass Guitar / Vocals
Alex Jacobelli | Electric Guitar
Mario Rubalcaba | Drums
Rain Pesebre | Vocals

250 Deep Purple transparent 7"s (Vitriol Exclusive)
350 Black Vinyl 7"s

Side A (Sweat):
1. Regulations
2. Closing

Side B (Negative Blast):
1. Original Spirit
2. Psychic Trash