Sweat S/T 7" VIT056 2nd press sky blue

Sweat S/T 7" VIT056 2nd press sky blue

Wow is this a banger of a record, if i can say so myself. Bringing together elements of punk, hardcore, rock, classic rock, general riffing, anger, etc., and putting it all into four tracks to blow your brains out. This is a new project from members of Graf Orlock, Dangers, Ghostlimb, Dogteeth, and a million other bands associated with this label, although going into new sonic territory.

First press: 497 black (OOP)
Second press: 500 sky blue (5/17/2024)

Live radical.

Track Listing:
1. Jokes on Me
2. Big Time Flex
3. Boyz Klub
4. Power Struggle

Anthony: Drums
Tuna: Vox, snottiness
Justin: guitar, some vox

Released April 15th, 2020, the mystical and ever loved tax day.
This is VIT056.