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Buyer's Remorse "No Patience" Shirt (White ink, black shirt)

by Buyer's Remorse

$7.00 / On Sale

Do you hate things? So do I, welcome to the conversation. This is a shirt reflecting the title of the last Ep from Buyer's Remorse "No Patience" which pretty much sums up both world view and level of sympathy for others. White print on black shirt.

GENERAL SHIPPING ALERT: International shipping from the US has gone up astronomically since Jan of 2018. This means that now all international orders beyond a “document” have to be shipped as a proper package. This being so, it means that shipping is often going to cost more than a record itself. As a generality this means $22 or so for a 1lb LP. The shipping will be below, but if you have questions and we could try to sort something out, I urge you to email Jason@graforlock.com with your address and order and we can see what we can do. Thanks